Abused Dog Was So Heartbroken, She Couldn’t Even Face The World

 It seemed for a while that her only option was to crouch and hide from the familiar surroundings.

Cara was discovered by a rescue organization in Ireland, so no one knows what world she was in, but it didn’t seem like a place worth living in.

The recently rescued dog seems so defeated in a video shared by PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland that she is unable to even peel her face away from the cage wall.

Instead, despite attempts to get her attention, she is still tucked into the corner.

A veterinarian confirmed Cara was not afflicted with a serious medical condition, as is the case with some dogs who lean their heads against a wall all the time.

She was really extremely anxious.

What had caused her to be this way? asks the video’s description.

In fact, how did a dog that was so naturally sociable develop into someone who is so shut off from the outside world?

For a “sight hound,” a class of dogs like greyhounds that often depend on sight rather than scent to navigate the world, it’s a particularly ironic turn.

Cara only witnessed total obscurity. till it became hard to ignore the light.

She gradually assimilated her new surroundings. A day later, PAWS published a new picture:

She soon found a true home in Michael and Theresa McGrath.

She then discovered the sofa. her voice, too.

She is engaged in an enthusiastic discussion with another sight hound on a sofa in the newly uploaded video. Their conversation begins with yips and barks before transitioning into mutual sobbing.

Cara’s singing may not be flawless like an angel’s. But there’s no denying that angels had a part in her fantastic new reality. Furthermore, it is a world worth singing about.

Do you want to provide your support to a group that works to give hundreds of Irish pets a voice and their forever homes? Give to PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland in the future.

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