The Doctor Miraculously Saved The Badly Burned Dog’s Life And The Reunion Was Very Emotional

The video shows the dog happy to see the person who saved him

When the Florida wildfires spread out of control, the local fire brigade responded immediately. Soon, a member of the fire brigade heard a faint barking from the pine trees and went in to investigate.

The firefighter was shocked to find a guard dog abandoned and chained to a tree in the yard. The dog, was immediately taken to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment of his third degree burns.

The dog, later named Smokey, was transferred to a specialized burn care unit under the care of veterinarian Latimer. Dr. Latimer was heartbroken when he felt that Smokey was gradually losing his ability to live, he sat down thinking and determined to do everything to help the dog survive.

Click the video below to watch the touching reunion between Smokey and Dr. Latimer!

After weeks of care and intensive care, Smokey overcame all difficulties and became a survivor! During his treatment in the hospital, he experienced, being loved, feeling real meaning. What it’s like to be a pampered and nurtured pet!

Smokey also continued to greet his other caregivers with lots of hugs and kisses. Smokey has left behind his life of abandonment and abuse, he feels like everyone who helped him survive is an angel!

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