Cop ditches socks and shoes to rescue terrified dog hidden in dark tunnel

The little dog was startled by an automobile, which caused it to run under the canal channel and get stuck in the tunnel’s darkness. Until a cop arrived to assist her, she was unable to move.

Officer Joe Brazil is always willing to help; in this instance, he acted without thinking to save a poor dog.

On May 2, 2016, Peggy Edwards posted her tale on Facebook, where it gained a lot of attention. All of our emotions were moved by the touching tale.

She needed Joe, a policeman from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, to tell her story. A gorgeous but fearful young Yorkshire terrier was scared away by an automobile, which was how it all began.

And the dog ran into a tunnel as soon as possible.

On April 30, a small puppy that was roaming around uninhibited was startled by a passing car. “She was lost around 20-25 feet in and hanging to the edge,” Peggy started telling her experience on Facebook. “It clashed with a tunnel through which a small creek passes.”

Though she was hesitant, she knew she had to assist the small puppy.

The poor dog can become frightened by her and retreat further down the tunnel. She experienced an epiphany at that moment.

She instantly dialed the Woonsocket Police Department in hopes of getting help, and she wasn’t let down.

Few minutes later, Officer Joe Brazil showed there, anxious to help.

After Peggy described what had happened, the brave Officer was ready to help.

Without pausing, he dove in, emerging with a little, terrified dog that was drenched in water. He’s a nice man, lucky puppy. Peggy continued, “We’re thrilled he was able to save the little girl.

The kind Officer went into the tunnel to help the little puppy, taking off his socks and shoes.

When the officer was reached by WJAR NBC10, he or she said, “As I moved closer, I could see Cece just clutching to the side and just trembling.” The dog “was really, really afraid.”

The Officer took special precautions to avoid scaring the little dog farther down the tunnel given how terrified she was.

It was amazing what he did after that!

When he was close enough to the terrified dog, he picked Cece up after letting her follow his fingers a bit further into the tunnel.

“It almost looked like she was thanking me,” I observed. Brazil told WJAR NBC10, “She appeared to know I was there to help.”

According to the picture, the adorable puppy is incredibly friendly and appreciative of the handsome cop who saved her.

In any case, this dog wasn’t a stray. She was raised in a beautiful home. Another interview with WJAR NBC10 revealed that the name of this gorgeous puppy was Cece.

Michelle Perez, the owner of Cece, was ecstatic to learn that her dog had been located. She claimed that her mother-in-law had given her the adorable dog, but the following day it had run away.

Only five months old, she. In an interview, Perez claimed, “I couldn’t sleep.” All I ever did was go on drives and call her.

Peggy Edwards and the sympathetic Officer Joe Brazil helped Cece escape the scary tunnel and be reunited with her owner. We’re all glad Cece was saved and brought back to her owner!

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