The 19-Year-Old Dog Spends The Last Days Of His Life In A Permanent New Home

Poor dog at the end of his life still looking for a home

A 19-year-old dog named Ace was brought to the Sonoma animal shelter near the end of his life. Around that time, California wildfires broke out. So he ended his life at SPCA more than 150 miles away with little hope. But adoptive mother Bonnie noticed that the dog was still active every day with a vibrant energy and then she decided to get the dog out of the shelter.

So Bonnie suggested to the shelter that the dog would be kept in her home until a new permanent home could be found. And in the first few days at Bonnie’s house, Ace the dog becomes more and more comfortable and begins to come out of his shell. He then befriends the other dogs that Bonnie has in the house!

After that, dog adoption apps started being applied to Ace. Bonnie feels a bit sad and will miss Ace when he leaves for a new place. But when Ace learns this he is very disappointed as a pet! Sensing it, Bonnie decided to adopt the dog for good, and he couldn’t have been in a better situation for the rest of his days.

Ace will be very happy with his new friends for the rest of his life 

Watch the video below:

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