Boy Visits Twin Brother’s Grave to Tell Him about First Day in Kindergarten: ‘He Watches over Me’

Walker Myrick and his twin brother Willis Myrick were destined to come to this world together and alive. Sadly, Willis could not survive due to “twin to twin transfusion syndrome”. This disorder led to him decease even though he was inside the womb.

Though Willis is no more in this world, their mother, Brooke Davis, specified that Walker seems to have an unusual bond with his brother even though he has died.

Walker constantly had dreams about his twin brother and was taken to visit Willis’s grave. Walker would tell his deceased brother about what was going-on in his life. His mother would at times take snaps of him doing so.

One predominantly touching photograph was taken in 2012 when Walker started Playschool when he was 9. He relaxed on his brother’s grave and expressed him about his entire first day at the playschool.

In a 2016 video, which was captured on Christmas, Walker himself confirmed this bond to his twin brother. Walker said that he still thinks of his brother today and he watches over him all the time.

Though, the entire household went through from the demise of Willis was still extremely shocking. Hence, sensibly turning her discomfort into her resolution, their mom decided to take action.

“The Walker and Willis Birthday Walk” is nowadays organised each year for fund-raise. The aim comprises rising alertness of “twin to twin transfusion syndrome” and contributing $2,500 annually to the “twin to twin transfusion syndrome” Foundation.

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