The Kind Pit Bull Gave Up Her Home To The Pregnant Stray Cat And Stood Guard As She Gave Birth To The Kittens

Pit bulls are always good dogs.

Pit bulls are affectionate and devoted dogs that do better with those they care about. Hades, a Pit bull who lives with his family in Mexico, is proving to all how big this dog has a heart.

Juan José P Flores, owner of Hades who shows compassion to animals in difficulty. Flores noticed a stray cat roaming the neighborhood, so Flores left the food out so the cat wouldn’t go hungry. He never thought Hades befriended the little cat.

Hades is a gentle and affectionate dog who saw his kitten friend in need and recommended his home as a safe haven.

Hades does everything from a warm heart

One day, Hades was making such a fuss in the backyard that Flores had to go check on what was up. Turns out, his beloved dog Hades wanted to show him something inside his doghouse. Flores approached, and inside was a feral cat lounging on soft blankets.

Hades proudly tells his father that he has given up his house to a pregnant feral cat. Since then Hades has always been by his feline friend and stood guard there as the cat gave birth to two kittens. Flores told The Dodo: “I think the dog feels like he’s already a father.”

The cat has been named Nicol and her kittens look adorable. Flores says that, “once the kittens reach adulthood, they will find loving homes, but Nicol will always have a home with them”.

The story helps to look at the pit bulls differently.

A photo went viral online and many people joked that the cat was simply taking over the dog crate. Flores even joined in and wrote, “Cats have benefited, have housing without paying rent.”

Flores shared this touching story in the hope that people will consider Pit bulls as their best friends. “Pit bulls are good dogs,” says Flores. “Hades puts everything aside to help others. Each of us should do the same without expecting anything in return.”

Each of us gives unconditional love to a dog we will receive more love in return.

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